El País Con tu Futuro Online

On May 13, 2020, the sixth edition of “EL PAÍS con tu futuro” was held, but this time, unlike previous editions, under a hybrid format and broadcast via streaming.

“EL PAIS con tu futuro” is an event to inspire students when choosing their professional future with talks on various topics: intensive medicine, cybersecurity, digital marketing, artificial engineering, data science and much more.

Among the experts from different fields who inspired the students were: Pau Gasol; the greatest Spanish basketball player of all time, Alex Rodrigo; director of La Casa de Papel, Miguel Hernán, Professor of Epidemiology at Harvard University and many more.

The event was divided into two virtual rooms, with 2 live presenters broadcasting from the set.

Starting at 10:00 in the morning and for an hour and a half, all these talks could be followed and also closed a private face-to-face with the speakers, in parallel rooms with access by

The basketball player Pau Gasol opened this event with a motivational talk in which he invited young people to reflect on “where we are and where we want to go” and highlighted as a guide to success one of his slogans “Be the best you can be today and every day ”.

Dissimiliy once again organized these days, but this time doing an exercise in digital transformation and creating an immersive experience for the 2000 followers of the event. An event in which all the followers were involved from the first moment with live questions, surveys and, ultimately, a great participation that allowed to capture valuable data during the event.

Always immersed in DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, 100% customer-oriented and responsive to their needs, we have created our own VIRTUAL PLATFORM with which we provide technical and creative alternatives in all aspects.

We have extensive experience in this type of hybrid meeting and we plan all the details to make it a success.

We offer attendees an impressive and innovative experience, designing exclusive digital ecosystems and connecting them with physical environments of all kinds.

We have our own 600 m2 space with all the latest generation technology in the heart of Madrid and with the ability to connect with any corner of the world.

We are live communication.

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