La Liga All Star Gaming Challenge Presented By Verizon

There’s no doubt eSports gets more important every time, with an audience that grows at an exponential rate. A proof of this is this relevant event that took place on 30th September at Madrid, the final of “LaLiga gaming challenge: Presented by verizon”; Event that Dissimility produced, taking care of the content creation, technical and scenic design.

LaLiga North america joined forces with the tech giant Verizon, launching an online platform for FIFA’s EA Sport’s video game players. Participants got the chance to compete in weekly challenges and events in different cities around the USA.

The eight finalists travelled to Madrid to compete in the final challenge, supported by their ambassadors.

Also, as special guests, Morientes and Guti were present during the semifinal and final cup.

A complex technical production streamed via Twitch for over 26,000 people. And only one day after the event it would sum up more than 700,000 views.

It was without any doubt a work full of technical challenges that we loved to succeed at. And we also got to experience the intensity of the e-Sports.