La Liga Genuine

LaLiga genuine is an inclusive initiative of social liability, pioneer in the world, that LaLiga develops through its foundation; A creation of a league made up by people from the DI collective (Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities).

A talent show that has been adapted to the actual circumstances, in which representatives from over 36 teams have shown their most special and surprising talent. More than 25.000 thousand votes later, they’ve chosen 10 finalists.

At LaLiga Genuine not only the sports results add up, but also the positive sport’s qualities that show during matches.

We’ve counted on the presenter Santi Millán, “Campeones” lead actor and Goya winner Jesús Vidal, and sponsors such as Telepizza, Santander, El Corte Inglés, Puma, Allianz and Panini.

An event where music, sports and virtual training came together, with musical shows, online games and body percussion masterclasses, provided by music therapist Santi Serratosa.

Comedian Raul Gomez wanted to dedicate a motivational speech to the audience and deliver a message, #lavidamola, and even when life puts us through difficult times, we have to keep following our dreams.

He also emphasized the importance of LaLiga’s Genuine Santander values: Share before competing.