Google Partners Night Festival

The «Partners Night Festival», Google’s biggest event for partners in Spain, commemorated all the great successes achieved. The event was attended by more than 300 people who enjoyed different activations and photocalls as well as the live performance of the legendary Canarian group «Efecto Pasillo» and the DJ of the moment, «Crazy Mama».


This event took place at the MEEU space in Madrid, where the awards ceremony of the «Google Marketing Partner Awards» program was held, in which the launch of the ‘»YouTube Works» awards program was mentioned.


From Dissimility we organized the event in its entirety, this project was the final touch to the «Google Marketing Partner Awards» 2022 edition. 


Dissimility decorated the space with old televisions showing on their screens the corporate identity of the event and combining it with decorative LED lights panels. For the image of the event we based our work on Google’s graphic identity, using their corporate colors to create retro-looking graphics with iconic images of cassettes, consoles, Casio watches, Rubik’s cubes or classic phones.


Thanks to Google for trusting us for all the management of this second edition of the «Google Marketing Partner Awards» and the biggest event for Google partners in Spain.