Sustainable Luxury and FutureMercedes-EQ and Vanity Fair

VanityFair and Mercedes-EQ have organized a breakfast with the slogan Lujo y futuro sostenible, in the Hotel Mandarin Oriental Ritz in Madrid, to give the keys about the luxury’s future in a world increasignly oriented to the sustainability.


The speaker members was headed by Roland Schell, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Iberia and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Spain, and Quique Dacosta, head and culinary producer of the Hotel Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid; and was completed with the interventions of Benito Jiménez, Marketing Manager of Mercedes-Benz Spain; Patricia Benito, OpenBank General CEO; Arnaud Maillard and Álvaro Castejón, founders and cr1eative managers of Alvarno fashion brand; and Ana Jaureguizar, General Manager of L’Oréal Luxe.-


Dissimility took care about the technical support, also we produced and designed the pieces which represented the event’s visual identity.


We love have been able to organize this event that has this very important purpose such as sustainability.


Thanks to Condé Nast to count us again.