Entorno Fenie 2021

On December’s 1st ‘Entorno Fenie 2021’ took place, an hybrid event for the National Federation of installations Entrepreneurs of Spain, and it was managed by Dissimility.

For this event, the most relevant of the year in the installation companies industry, we designed the conceptualization, naming, visual contents, scenography and production. The website, launched by Dissimility, was the central thread to check the schedule, the speakers profiles, sponsors and organizations that belonged to Fenie.

This encounter took place at Marriott’s Hotel, and was articulated around four main thematic areas: Default ratio, assistance packages, installation companies and corporate partnerships. Each one of them included a presentation and a round table. Relevant, quality content which 200 people enjoyed live and over 300 streamed.

 An event with a carefully devised production, which allowed the attendees to enjoy the presentations and relax over lunch with quality catering.

Thank you Fenie for your trust, it’s a pleasure to be able to collaborate with you!