Aspid Awards

We were honoured to organize ASPID’s communication and advertising awards on health and pharmacy, the awards rewarding the excellence of the pharmaceutical industry in Spain and Latin America.
Following a path of over 20 consecutive years, becoming a whole referent on the pharmaceutical industry, this year the meeting it’s been digitalized for the first time, creating a well preserved and special format.

A significant portion of the success we’ve had was due to the standard of specialization and professionality of the jury members, consisting of consumer creatives specialized in health, current doctors, as well as members and marketing professionals from the pharmaceutical industry.


Over this Aspid’s awards edition more than 117 works were presented, belonging to 42 agencies or different companies. This year 11 gold awards were given, 33 silver and 12 Aspid, plus the Aspid Platino award. A total sum of 37 awards.

If we take a look over this year’s shortlist, we must highlight Acuam Healthcare, which won 4 golds, 2 silvers and 4 Aspid awards becoming top of the ranking in 2020, and has risen to be the most awarded agency of this edition, with a total of ten awards. Next in the ranking is Popin, with a total of three awards, One gold, one silver and one Aspid.

An online encounter where we were able to see the differences on sanitary advertising from different Ibero-American countries and got to know first hand the creativities developed over different latitudes.