The DISSIMILITY Steering Committee, aware of the relevance that nowadays has for the company the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its customers, has the necessary resources to ensure that its activity “Organization and Management of Events” obtains a definitive public recognition through the implementation of its Quality Management System based on the requirements established by the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

To carry out all your event organization projects with the clear objective of satisfying all your clients’ needs and requirements. Our commitment to continuous improvement and the personalized study of each client’s expectations allows us to offer the best solution and proposal, according to the client’s needs.
To promote DISSIMILITY’s philosophy of providing a competitive and adequate proposal to the client’s requirements, providing the necessary flexibility without losing quality and commitment.
To promote a company culture based on the protection of the environment, with the continuous improvement of our environmental performance (including waste reduction, minimization of natural resource consumption and consumption of non-polluting and environmentally friendly products) and the professionalism of our human team, daily effort and entrepreneurial capacity as drivers of growth.

To grow in a sustainable manner, reinforcing our position as a benchmark company in the sector.
To be able to expand the scope of our service, valuing the expansion of new lines of business.
Continue to support innovation and creativity projects.
Promote a culture of pollution prevention in all our own and subcontracted personnel. The involvement of DISSIMILITY and each individual in relation to environmental management is a key tool for effective protection.

To serve our customers by continually challenging ourselves to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction by meeting their requirements and continuously improving the quality of service delivery.
Continuous improvement towards excellence as a way of working, considering the risks and opportunities that may affect the conformity of products and services and the capacity to increase customer satisfaction.
We make our organization’s personnel aware of the importance of effective quality management and compliance with QMS requirements to enable continuous improvement.
Commitment to a strong work ethic, integrity and honesty, as well as compliance with applicable laws and regulations and other principles to which the organization subscribes.
We are committed to our people because they are the only ones capable of leading DISSIMILITY to organizational success.

Madrid, March 6, 2020.

Mr. Javier Heredero

CEO Dissimilarity